What we can learn about life from Rocky.

If your taste in movies is similar to mine, then you can understand how deep my love for the Rocky movie series is. Spanning over four decades with six films as the titular character and two times next as supporter, the character of Rocky has won many hearts. His story is action packed, dramatic, romantic, seriously the jack of all trades.

And in today’s time when films not even a decade old are getting refreshed, this franchise has managed to carve its way till now without a single remake. That speaks volume.

Its not only because of great storytelling or all-around amazing characters. It stood the test of time because the protagonist’s life has been portrayed as a hero’s journey. Rocky shows many amazing characteristics, some of which are:


1: Power of will.

Rocky has those rags to riches story, but unlike others where once the protagonist wins and everything becomes all set, for Rocky problems just keep piling up. His hard-earned wealth is snatched away from him two times. The toughest ones out there would call quits only in the first time.

But our man Rock-o didn’t. he did what he did best, punching his way through the problems to become a legend. This is a clear portrayal of how far your will power can take you.

“Where there is will, there’s a way”

Your will is your way, and your will power are your fists. The ability to use it effectively paves your way to victory. One must realize that using our will to the full potential leads to a better happy and fulfilling life.


2: The ups and downs.

Rocky not only faced adversities before becoming the reigning champion, his problems grew only after that. He got broke while his wife was pregnant, his trainer died, his best friend was killed, his first disciple betrayed him, and the worst of all was that he lost his wife to an untimely death.

Beneath the tough and happy exterior, what we see is a man who lost it all. But what keeps him going? Heck later on even Paulie was dead, so how did rocky managed himself? I think it was because in a way his pain sculpted him. Rocky’s tough journey shows us the path of what is means of heroic suffering. It shows that despite losing everything, you can always have something to live for, that your suffering will one day lead to greatness. You know why?

Because creed happened.


3: Portrayal of a perfect relationship.

(My favorite part)

There is something about this series which revolves around an underdog boxer that attracts a lot of women folk. And that is the love that Rocky has for his beloved, Adrian.

No matter how many times we say that love is an illusion or that love is childish, we can’t help but deep-down feel about how wonderful it could be if only we had someone who accepted us, cherished us, encourage us, and truly, love us.

Just one look at Rocky’s relationship with Adrian will make you believe in that. In the first film Adrian is an introverted young woman who likes Rocky but is too shy to talk. Rocky likes her too but doesn’t seem to hold onto the talks. After trying to ask her out literally a dozen times she finally breaks out of her shell.

And from then on starts our tale of empowerment, love, support and devotion mutually for both people. When Adrian was in coma, Rocky skipped his crucial training and spent every living moment with either her, or praying for her well-being.

When Rocky went through emotional turmoil, he could always find Adrian to help him lift his spirits and encourage him to get back onto his feet again.

Their devotion to each other should be idealized in our current day and age where a packet of hot noodles lasts more than a relationship.

And lastly…

4: Pushing through

Despite whatever life threw at our Rocky, he would bounce back and punch his way through. He had his team including Adrian, Paulie, Apollo and Mickey (Up to a point). His strength and character are what differentiates him from other heroes.

And this is why Rocky is considered the best fictional boxer there ever is, (Sorry DeNiro)

Let’s learn from his tale and punch our way to success.

Seize your glory

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