Why Disappointments make you Stronger.

Why disappointments make you stronger.




1: What is a disappointment?

Disappointment is a type of emotion that everyone goes through when the needs of expectations are not met. According to the dictionary, disappointment can be summed up as ‘’. It is a very strong yet subtle emotion that can engulf us for even the most miniscule of offence. But sometimes, when some major disappointments happen, it can spiral us towards psychological problems such as depression, which can last a very long time.


Needless to say, most people tend to avoid it. The worst type is being disappointed in oneself. This leads to rise in escapism and nihilism, which are two very negative ways to live.



2: Our reason to be sad.

The simple answer would be that things did not work in our favor, or at least in the ways we’d prefer it to. We had certain expectations and it did not come in the way we wanted it to. Maybe it was a very trivial thing, like asking someone to lend you his/her pen, to serious endeavors such as asking someone out on a date or asking for a promotion. The thing is all of us at certain points in our lives will be facing disappointments. There is no escaping such fact.



3: The reality.

So if disappointments cannot be avoided, how can we manage to go through such experiences? The simple answer would be-

By learning from them!


Here’s an exercise any one can do. When the next time you’re disappointed in anything, say “How can I learn from this experience?” or, “How can I improve my deeper understanding from this experience?” Because every experience that we have is only two things, it’s either a blessing, or a lesson. By asking such questions with ourselves, as we go through disappointments no matter how big or how small, we improve our own resolve on life.

We become thick skinned. Same can go for handling criticism or failure.



4: Moving on.


“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

–           An old saying.


Whether one believes it or not, moving on isn’t actually that hard. When we realize that almost every experience in life is either a blessing or a lesson, things start looking quite easy. Let us start asking ourselves tough, but positive self improving questions whenever something leads to some sort of disappointment. It will not only help us in moving on, allowing us to learn from our experiences, but also provide us with a deeper meanings of our lives.


In the end we all should remember that we shouldn’t allow the negative aspects of our lives stop us from achieving our dreams, loving our loved ones, and living the life to the best of its capabilities.


So go right ahead, seize your glory.


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