The Power Of Visualization.



What if I told you, your imagination has the power to change not only your life, but the lives of all those people around you, right this second? Albert Einstein had said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge” and that was because of a very, very good reason. I am in no way saying that intelligence is of no use, far from it. But just think, your intelligence, boosted by the creativity of your imagination could take you to heights beyond your beliefs.
Enter visualization.
If you want a perfect amalgamation of imagination, creativity and intelligence, then look no further than the process of visualization. It is like a psychological pill that you can use any time you want to get motivation for any kind of work you want to do.
Visualization is a very good boost in morale when you’re feeling down, or want continuous source of motivation to achieve your dreams. There are many ways in which you can visualize. I have made a summary of a few out there.

1: Theatre visualization/ Movie screen visualization.

By far one of the most famous techniques out there, in this, you start by closing your eyes and breathing deeply till you reach a relaxed stage.

Now start imagining yourselves inside a movie theatre facing the screen.

Here comes the best part. Start imagining that the movie you’re watching has you as the main protagonist. Now imagine whatever you want to happen to you in real life, happens in the movie. Whether it may be learning a new skill, travelling, finding your soul mate, getting a promotion, becoming rich, or better yet all of the above combined.

Don’t be shy; don’t feel as if you’re asking too much. You deserve a great life so go ahead and feel free to imagine.

2: Doorway technique.

This is one of my personal favorite techniques out there. Just as you did above, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and enter a relaxed stage of your mind. Now imagine that in front of you is a doorway. Imagine it as the most beautiful, artistic and serene doorway you’ve ever seen.

Now imagine yourself opening the door, and the moment you open the door, you enter into the life you want to live in. See it in a first person’s view, and see your life the way you want to live it. Imagine being in the life of your dreams, imagine clearly the type of house you want to live in, the type of person you’d want to be, the type of car you own, the type of spouse you would love as a person, the job, the society, the people, the area, everything. Dream it, feel it, live it.

3: Time lapse method

This is very, very powerful technique. Here again you will close your eyes, start breathing deeply for a couple of minutes, until you reach a very relaxed stage.

Now imagine that right in front of you, is your younger self. Imagine, you, just in your childhood, when you were about 5-6 years old. Your child like version is looking at you in amazement and innocence with what you’ve achieved so far. Go near him and give him a gentle, loving hug.

Tell that version of yourself positive things with affection like, you can say “Hey, it was a hell of a ride. We made it this far, and we’ll keep on going.” And as you say that, imagine your soul absorbing the little version of yourself.

Now comes the next part. Just like you imagined your child self, imagine your old self version of yourself that is happy and content. Look deeply at that version of yourself. Find yourself happy joyous, (You can add any positive affirmations you want)

And now for the final touch, say I promise to reach this version of myself. Say this with all your heart and soul. Now open your eyes for you are done.


Some common mistakes people make

1: Just thinking, not feeling it.

Visualization is a technique that requires your inner most feelings to come out. The feeling that push you into overdrive mode to achieve the life you want to achieve; the life you’ve been dreaming to achieve. But to motivate yourself, visualization has to be done through your heart. You have to feel it. \

Eg: Most people don’t want to be rich, they want the feeling that comes from being rich. You are free to believe like that right now.

2: Setting unjust time limits.

“Can I become a billionaire in a day?”

Short answer would be no. to achieve anything in life, you have to put your time and energy into it. If you set a timer on your happiness, then you’ll end up being like the horse that only chases the carrot attached to a string. You’ll never get to eat the carrot. Never fall in the trap of being “Oh when I’ll have that, I’ll be happy” happiness is a feeling you control. You have that immense power in yourself. Enjoy each moment of your life. A wise man once said, “Life’s a journey, not a goal” live every moment.

3: Losing motivation to continue:

This is a pretty common theme. You do it for a couple of days, couple of weeks see no change and revert back to your old habits. This is not how visualization works. Its considered a lifestyle change because, its supposed to be done for life. That is why its so important for you to feel every emotion coming out of you while doing the process. It will help you to never lose motivation. Just try it for a month. At least 30 days, so that it becomes a habit.

4: No positivity driven action:

“You can’t Visualize and then go eat a sandwich” – Jim Carrey

This is the main theme of the achievers around the world. The sole difference between the have’s and have not’s, those who have and those who haven’t, those who could and those who couldn’t, those who will and those who won’t. need I say more.

Is work the sole and most important aspect. No, but it is a part of your success. Period. You were born to do great things. But you have to work your way there.

So go right ahead and seize your glory.


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