The curious case of Benjamin Button. A tale of living life.



The curious case of Benjamin Button.

Spoiler alert.

Have you ever wondered at certain times in your life that even if we don’t believe it, sometimes magical moments, or coincident happen out of nowhere. It can sometimes feel like life is magical. For example you walking down the street and seeing some amount of money on the foot path, or the parking lot that’s always taken, free right when you wanted to park your vehicle.

It all seems funny, and resonates with some people on a spiritual level. Call it whatever you want, fate, destiny, coincidence, whatever, but you have to admit that when it happens in our ordinary life, it’s quite awesome.

Well that something that this movie did.

It’s a magical movie, which shows us that life can be full of magic and charm, if you just let it. It makes you realize how important your life really is, regardless of who you are and where you are. That its never too late to change your life journey.

We’ve all been there when we’d feel sad and insignificant in this huge whole world, maybe due to our deeds being too small for us to accept, or maybe because we have done no deeds in the first place.

But we must not forget that each and every day new opportunities arrive at our doorsteps, all we have to do is accept it.

The movie plays on different themes such as:



Value of time:

Just say it, you’ve procrastinated just as much as the other guy did. Heck, I know I did, and I’ll even accept it. There’s nothing wrong with that. But the real question is that can we allow the distractions in our lives to rule us? I know, my smart phone had too many apps to count, so I deleted them all. When I look back at those times, I realize that it was all nothing, just time passing activities.

Fun fact: there are only 25000 to 30000 days in an average human life span. How many have you passed since yesterday? Kinda scary, isn’t it?

There is a scene in the movie about a clock that goes back wards. The clock maker had made the clock as such because he had lost his beloved son in WWI. It was as if time would flow backwards and all the people lost would come back.

There was another scene with a lady with whom the protagonist was having a love affair. The lady said that when she was young, she’d think about doing something to change her life completely. That she would shape out the life she’d always dreamt about miraculously. But that’s all she ever did. Think. Wasting a lot of precious time and later repenting. Money can be earned back, friends can come back, but time will never come back.

A wise man once said, ‘life is like dusts of sand flowing in the winds out of our hands’ so remember to make the most of your time.



Age (Youth and old):

My grandpa used to say, as you all might have heard many a times before, ‘Youth is wasted on the young.’. it’s a pretty common saying as far as I know (If my understanding is correct that is) it means that young people waste a lot of their energy into meaningless tasks, and if old people had so much energy, things would’ve been different.

But they’re missing a small point here.

Its never too late to do what you want to do. There are many scenes in the movie where the protagonist points out that there is nothing wrong with being old. Its just a part of life, part of a cycle. Old doesn’t mean obsolete. You’re only old if you think you’re old. If you’ve lost the enthusiasm to live the life, no matter your age, you will become old from the inside.

As long as you’ve got the will and the desire to chase your dreams, to work, live a beautiful life and all around being happy, your age will never come in between. If by any chance you think your window of opportunity to live a prosperous life is gone simply because you’ve exceeded a certain age limit, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Stand on your feet firmly, and work towards realizing your destiny.  You were destined for greatness.

We all have heard about colonel sanders and his story about how he started the multi-billion dollar food industry from scratch, with nothing but a recipe for chicken. I am going to spare you history of colonel but just imagine, he started it when he was in his sixties! All his life he had been a failure but he started without looking back, and now he is considered a legend.

Now he couldn’t have done that if he’d sit on his sorry butt and said to himself, “Well I am too old for this crap, I better sit down and pity myself to DEATH!!!” don’t be like that, please. The world is full of those people. We need to rise so that they could see the genius in them and rise along with us.

We all were born to be great in our own way. Your age should never hold you from living your greatness. Seize your glory.




It always boils down to this, doesn’t it? But there is something about the love between the titular characters in this movie that feels different. A kind of love that is non-judgmental, without expectations, true, and is yet grounded in reality. This is something which is very rare, because in every case, including mine, I have seen that whenever we fall for someone, we start making assumptions and expectations from our beloved.

Off course we require some deal breakers with any individual if you want success in any kind of relationship, as if you wont have deal breakers, you wont be able to know which person is suitable for you as per your own criteria. But the problem arises when we make those deal breakers a strict and rigid part of our personality, as if we are saying, “This is what I want, not even a little change should be there.”

When we become so rigid, we close our hearts to new and beautiful experience along with many opportunities we were originally supposed to get. Had Benjamin said no to his tugboat captain, he’d never have the adventure that made his life. He’d never fight in world war two, he’d never understand the meaning of losing, he’d never fall in love with another man’s wife, feel the love and then learn his valuable lesson about heartbreak.

If he had been very rigid, he would have never accepted the woman of his dreams when she came back to apologise. All his life’s adventures would be gone simply because he made assumptions and rigid expectations. Again, there’s nothing wrong with expectations and assumptions, but only if they’re not a part of our inner personality. Especially if they’re negative or self deprecating in any way.



lets learn to view life by not just one type of vision, but also through a glass of various shade, making our journey more joyful and content.

In the end, all I’d like to add is that no matter what happens, all of us deserve to live life in the best way we want. nothing should stop oneself from achieving their dreams.

So go ahead, seize your glory.


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