Why we should relish responsibility for ourselves.

So what is responsibility?

I read in a book once that quite simply put responsibility can be broken down into 2 words, response, and ability. So in a deeper understanding of this term, we can assume that responsibility means our ability to respond.

This is such a profound statement that makes us question why we do not think about such questions more often. These are literally eye openers.

So we ask ourselves, do we have the ability to respond? In almost 70 to 80% of the time, we do.

We have the right and the ability to respond.

For example let us say that you’re hungry. So you have to order food, right? So now you’re responsible (IE you have the ability to respond) in this situation.  What if you want to cook the meal yourself? Well you have the ability to respond to that as well.  What if you want to have a fast? Again if you can manage, you have the ability to respond to that as well.

Simply put, taking responsibility of your life in this world, opens up a lot of opportunity to do the things and solve the problem in the way you see fit. It is up to our choices that we make along with what we do with the choices that we make which guide us through life.

Let us take another scenario for a change now. What if you think that taking responsibility is a burden and avoid it at all costs? In this scenario with that mindset you’ll just end up starving yourself and ranting to others how life is not fair to you. This is why we should not avoid taking responsibility of ourselves, and rather use it to our own advantage in order to solve any problem life gives to us.


What does taking responsibility do to us?

Many people have this idea that taking responsibility will keep them forever occupied, and in some ways it is true. If you don’t work at all, you’ll be free from everything in this world. But ask yourself, would you exchange your little amount of freedom (as taking responsibility is not a big deal anyway) over leaving a legacy that can impact literally thousands and thousands of people?

I am pretty sure you’re drooling over the aspect of being the person, who has the power of impacting millions, aren’t you? Well it all starts when you accept responsibility of yourself. Now we come to answer the question. I believe that taking responsibility gives us three very important lessons


1: Gives us freedom to choose

Let us take the previous example of cooking your food again. Once you’ve accepted the responsibility, it solely is dependent on your choices that you make, like whether you want to cook a dish, go to restaurant, order via phone, it doesn’t matter. Now you have the power to choose and decide on the best course of action.

It’s amazing how much power you can have by simply accepting responsibility, right?


2: It gives us opportunity to learn.

Alright so now we’ve accepted the responsibility and set on a course of action and the undesired thing happens and we fail.

Again with the cooking example, maybe your dish got burnt, or the food you ordered came in rotten, maybe the service of the restaurant was bad. So what does this experience do?

It gives us an opportunity to learn, it gives us an opportunity to grow, it gives us an experience we wouldn’t have if we didn’t make a choice or worse still, didn’t accept our responsibility. If we made a mistake, this would be the best chance to learn from it.

Your food got burnt, now you’ll know the better way to cook your dish, service of the restaurant was bad, you may tell the waiter about it which will result in the overall improvement in the restaurant’s practices and would be able to serve you more. Order came in rotten; you may stop ordering from that website or double check with them the next time you’re going to be ordering.


3: It makes us better than who we were before.

This is self explanatory, if you’ve read the last points, when you’ve learnt from your mistakes, then you get a better understanding of your craft.

Plus now you’ve been powered by the choices that taking responsibility gave you, you will have a better knowledge of what you’re supposed to do the next time situation calls for it.


Ending thoughts


One last thing is that we all ought to remember that an individual is responsible only for his her own situation. His/ her actions and thoughts are strong enough to change his/her entire life.

So by taking responsibility, you can change your own life completely but only your own. Indirectly, others (Such as your friends, parents, children, society in general) will see you as an ideal and change themselves.

At certain point they’ll judge you, even mock you, make fun of you, but you must remember

‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you,

And then you win’

-Mahatma Gandhi.


In the end I’d like to add just think how much power one can posses by simply understanding the true reality of taking responsibility and controlling the choices they get in life. They can literally be the masters of their own destiny.

So go ahead, seize your glory.


P.S.: Thank you for reading my blog. If anything relates to you then please share is with your loved one’s. As always, constructive criticism is appreciated as it helps me improve my writing for you all.

Thank you once again.

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5 thoughts on “Responsibility.

  1. It is simple but yet difficult. Many times it can boil down to being self-disciplined enough to continue doing something or stop doing something as part of one’s responsibility. For instance, a person may continue doing harmful behavior despite having knowledge.

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