My Thought’s on Valentine’s Day. (A guy’s perspective)

My opinions about Valentine’s day.

(A guy’s perspective)

The date is fast approaching and for some of us it means going around dates with their loved ones while for others it would mean that they treat themselves while trying live off their lives and avoiding Valentine’s day by any means necessary.

A day which has solidified itself with roses, chocolates, and lots of kisses, Valentine’s day is what every couple waits for once the month of February starts. You will see many posts on why it’s the best day ever, while the lone wolves, not stopping by for some action, posts a million reasons why this day sucks (and also add on that love is ‘fake’. Believe me, the web is full of this stuff)

I don’t belong to either of these categories and probably never will. Please don’t take my harsh tone for signal of aggressiveness towards the lovebirds or the forever singles, I understand both of them quite well.

I just don’t understand the hype of the day, that’s all, and for some very good reasons, I’ll show them to you:

1: Just one day?!

So, if Valentine’s day stands for couples showing their love for one and another, what do the rest of the year-days tell? To cheat and lie, back stab your partner?

When you think about it, wouldn’t it be amazing if instead of waiting for an entire year for one day where you spend a ton of money for your girlfriend, you actually showed her that you genuinely love and accept her, every once in a while?

I completely understand that people and especially girls love Valentine’s day because they are expecting their boyfriends (Or husbands) to treat them with love. But as guy I don’t understand why showing love actually has to be the main case here, that too only for a single day in an entire year?

Everyone knows that it’s the little things that matter in a relationship. Those morning cuddles, simple gestures, the ‘I miss you’ text and all that. If one does it every once in a while, there won’t be any need for Valentine’s day to exist!

2: The expenses

The moment February arrives, you bet your butt the cupid industry will steam roll their product advertisement to the eleventh gear.

‘Want to show how much you love your wife? Buy her this diamond set this valentine’s day!’

‘Do you want to keep the love between both of you together, why not try out the latest book about relationship!’

‘Want to have a memorable night out with your girlfriend? Take her out to the best restaurant in town and spare no expense’

Holy crap, take it easy guys. Not all of us men are seething pockets of oil tycoons. It takes a lot of effort to plan out a date on this day because of reservation in restaurants and what not, plus the love cards business booms faster than the bull on stock market exchange, and spending the hard-earned money on this day for a love card is not an idea most of us would be flirting with.

I am not telling you to be a cheap stake. If you have the means, then sure take her out on that riverside cruise you have been planning for, but we have to remember that most young guys ‘AREN’T RICH‘ so what should we do?

Instead of fretting over which restaurant you want to take her out, or will that diamond set work for her, why not write her a heartfelt love letter, and then go out for a long ride?

You guys would already know it, but I should repeat that ‘People are desperate for love and emotional acceptance’. At the end of the day, the inner child in us believes in those fairy tales and soulmates, both guys and girls.

The best experience that every guy ever had was when our crush would say yes to our proposal. And most of the guys always propose by writing a letter. I am not a mind reader, but I am pretty sure the girl would be so excited to know that there is someone who actually cares about her.

Later once the relationship starts all the spark goes ‘poof’ and we’re left with contemplating our life choices.

This is the moment to sweep her of her feet and write her the most romantic letter you could ever dream off, I know you’ve got it in you. Trust me, she will not even remember about the expensive restaurant.

(And if she still does then you’re screwed)

So that was it for today, I hope I haven’t offended anybody and if I have, then seriously get a life. I haven’t written a swear word, you know how difficult it is to write without it?

Just kidding, hope you all have a great day and see you all next time.

Go seize your glory! (And your lady’s love!)


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