My favorite (Not so famous) Movie couples.

My Favourite movie couples (Valentine’s week special)
The ever-important day for love is forth coming within a week which makes it perfect time for me to talk about certain couples that make us write our own relationship goals. Today I’ll be writing about some of my favourite movie couples.

These couples aren’t really very famous and I won’t be using any from prominent films like ‘Titanic’ or ‘Jerry Maguire’.
All the more reason for you to read about them!

a): This list is in no specific ranking order

b): I will not be using any Disney animated film as it deserves another list of its own.

c): Spoiler Alert!

So here are the movie couples!


Patrizio and Tiffany from “Silver Lining Playbook”

Starting off the list is the Bradley Cooper/ Jennifer Lawrence starrer romantic film that portrayed two different people in love sincerely. Pat suffers from Bipolar disorder and Tiffany from depression. Theirs is a love story that completely seems to fit with each other’s emotions. They both work over their differences and despite starting off a little rocky, they seem to find their happily ever after.

Did I mention Pat’s wife had cheated and Tiffany was a widow? Yeah, think about that for a second and assume how difficult their ride for happiness could be.


Astrid and Hiccup from “How to train your dragon”

The shy geeky guy has the hots for a hard-core no-nonsense girl, tell me about it. This sub-genre of one sided romantic interest has been done to the bones and yet again it can be seen here forming a bond between these two effortlessly.
The major point you ask? Astrid does have feelings for Hiccup but just doesn’t understand how to show it.

There main focus though was always on the dragons so the young love had to take a backseat. But it’s during the third half where we see how badass this couple can become. How badass you ask? Well they just so happened to kill a fire breathing fifty floors big dragon. Epitome of couple goals and badassery.


William Wallace and Murron from ‘Braveheart’

Apart from the beautiful soundtrack and acting, Mel Gibson starrer has left many people satisfied with the love that the above mentioned characters had. Wallace returned to his village after the wars, only to find that his childhood friend Murron has completely grown into a beautiful young woman. And from there the romance was on. There was something about the simplicity between these two characters, their honesty and openness towards each other that has kept everyone thinking ‘How would history be if Murron wasn’t killed?” (Oops, spoilers!)

Shrek and Fiona from ‘Shrek movie series:

This couple is famous for being supportive, funny and downright insane with each other during times. Shrek and Fiona hadn’t met under grate circumstances as lord Farquad wanted to marry her thinking that she was a princess.
It was later revealed that she was suffering from a curse that would change her into an ogre during night. Once Farquad learns of this fact during his own wedding, he immediately does a 360 and orders his men to capture her, and then it’s a race for Shrek and his buddy donkey to save his lady of love.

In the sequels this power couple goes on many adventures together and end up having a great family. Truly a happily ever after, am I right?
(Oh by the way, even donkey finds his love with a she dragon. Damn)


And my absolute favourite couple is….

Rocky and Adrian from ‘Rocky Movie series’

I know, I know, the Rocky films are pretty famous, it has the awesome ‘Italian Stallion’ Sylvester Stallone in it as always, and it has left a mark in the history of boxing films.
But there is also a little aspect of love that preside under the garb of action. It’s the kind of love we all secretly desire. The one that empowers both the parties and encompasses how love is done right.
So in the end its proved that old is gold , join me next time where I break down why Rocky and Adrian are ideal couple goals

See you next time and…

Go seize your glory


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