Why Rocky and Adrian are the best movie couple ever.

Why Rocky and Adrian are the best movie couple ever.

If you’ve been reading my blog articles of this month then you know that the Rocky movie franchise has a special place in my heart. Its action packed, it’s realistic, it romantic, it is one of those franchise that always makes its mark in shaping the pop culture of the world.

Today I’ll be focusing on the relationship aspect of the rocky franchise and between Adrian and Rocky, and what we can learn about relationship from them. So here is the couple who stood the test of time!



1: Being true to yourself

In the first film Rocky genuinely had a huge crush of Adrian, who seemed to have feelings for him but was too shy about it. By the help of her brother Paulie, he got her out on a date on that famous ice-skating scene.

It was at that point we saw what a real date should be like. Honesty. Both of them talked about their past and were completely real about it. Rocky told her about his boxing and Adrian told him about her family.

In any dating moment, we all tend to go a little south, and try to fake out to make ourselves look cool. That manipulation might work for some people some time, but it will never work forever. In the end the time-tested truth and honesty is what will keep the relationship stable and secure.


2: Support

No person on this planet can live happily without an emotional support, and once you grow up, the support of your spouse is what counts the most.

During the third film, Rocky was at his worst, losing his mentor, losing his title and fame. It was during that time when Adrian came up to him and pepped him up for the championship round. Her motivating spirit motivated Rocky to give his best in the ring, lo and behold, he won the title back.

During the first film when Paulie was scolding and tormenting Adrian, it was due to Rocky’s support that she finally learnt how to stand up to herself and be strong like her future husband.

Emotional support is mandatory for any sort of relationship, Rocky and Adrian prove it time to time.


“At the end of the day, Rocky is a love story, he could never have reached the final bell without Adrian”

  • Sylvester Stallone


3: Loyalty

We see it all the damn time. So many couples separate once they are successful that it seems love isn’t real, but Rocky and Adrian showed us that that may not be the case. Despite being fictional characters, there characteristics are extremely real and relatable. A lot of real-life old age couple did exactly what these two did, trust, loyalty and love, to put even the test of time to shame.


“I remember when she was standing there, all nervous and shy with that smile…. And all I wanted her to do was trust me…. And she did, she did”

  • A dialogue from the movie.


4: Facing difficulties like a team.

Even before both of these got together by marriage, we were pretty sure that they would stand for each other as a test of time. This was proven right as in every movie, despite Rocky being the titular character, it’s along with Adrian that he’s at his best.

After losing her at the end of the series, we see him going through an emotional turmoil and genuinely feel that he can’t cope with it alone. Fortunately for him, his friends were still by his side who helped him once again. But the loss of his wife was felt so hard by him (And fans of the franchise) that for a decade it was assumed that as a last film, it was actually a homage to Adrian. (last scene where Rocky places a rose on her grave)

So, there you go folks, this is what I learnt from my analysis of this epic franchise, what did you guys think about it.

Comment down below your thoughts about this franchise and this couple

And thank you for reading,

Go seize your glory!


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