Peace has to be backed by strength

Peace has to be backed by strength:

This year, Fourteenth February marks a sad and tragic day for every Indian. Our enemies cowardly attacked the soldiers, taking their lives. The enemy knows that they can’t affect us as we’re far stronger and superior to them, hence like a weak and coward animal, attacks us silently.

I am not only sad, but I am also angry. Angry at my own people. Angry at those who are so ‘educated’ that they think humanitarian rights are reserved only for the terrorists. Our educated citizens come out without wasting a single second to protest against the execution of major criminals and terrorists, yet fail to notice that our soldiers to deserve human rights. What will they say to the widows and daughters of the martyrs?

What will be their answer?

Yes, I believe India is a peaceful nation. We rarely give capital punishment, even to the convicted criminals, people shouting to break India are roaming scotch-free, and if by any chance a security personnel shoots the enemy of the state for our protection, then he/she will be facing jurisdiction and litigatory problems for that action.

What a mess for peace, isn’t it?

I know, I am a novelist, this is not what I should be writing. But those who were killed were my countrymen! As an Indian I have a right to express my sorrow. The country’s blood has been shed…and not only this, every single day another soldier dies just so that you and I can live freely.

This is the price of freedom, the price of blood.

The main point of my emotional article is that no one attacks someone who can deal damage back in return. Our peace must always be backed by strength. Only when the enemies of our nation realize that we’re not some people to be trifled with, only then can our country truly find peace.

Thank you for bearing this article with me

Jai Bharat

Go seize your glory

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