Freedom through chaos and anarchy!?

Freedom through chaos and anarchy!?

Movie in discussion: V for vendetta

“Remember remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot, I see of no reason, that the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot”

I don’t have a clue as to why it feels so awesome to speak it, despite the fact that I have said it many, many times before. This movie has a tinge of Victorian sophistication due to the main character being V, a masked man who loves poetry, fine films, and causing anarchy.

The film is about Britain being under a cruel marshal law by a man called Sutler who is the acting chancellor, and V’s quest to overthrow is regime. Based on the famed comic, the film does deviates from the source material, but gives the audience a thrilling story none the less.

Behind the frames though, there are certain, subtle themes that makes this movie quite unique, those themes being:

1: Freedom through Anarchy:

As mentioned before, the film’s plot revolves around the titular character called V, who has a zealous desire to overthrow chancellor’s barbaric rule. He starts by blowing up the old bailey on the date of none other than the fifth of November, and plans to destroy the parliament the next year on the same date.

In the mean time, he also hijacks a new broadcasting station, and tells his tale of vengeance with poetry and suave to all those who are willing to watch him crumble the cruel empire.

His message his clear, freedom has to be earned through anarchy.

So in this case, what is anarchy? He arrived at this answer by blowing up building sky high, and well, in a movie it looks cool, but in real this is considered terrorism. Doesn’t sound so cool now, does it? But then another question comes to mind, does true freedom always require anarchy and violence?

In my opinion, I don’t think so.

Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Luther king junior, they are all shining examples of this. The non cooperation movement was considered illegal as it was destroying the economy. But eventually everything did come to fruition, didn’t it.

Now I am not saying non violence is the best option. Not even close. I am saying that it is just one of the options, and is quite ineffective to some extent, but the main point with this is that it saves lives. Total anarchy and violence does the opposite.

2: Fear

One of the high points in the movie is when our female protagonist is being tortured to such an extreme level, that she now no longer fears death.

What could have motivated her?

  1. a) She realized that it will eventually happen.

This one’s a no brainer. We all have our own time limit on this earth, that is certain, then why do we fear it so much?

“The man who suffers before it is necessary, suffers more than it is necessary”


We cannot control how, when, with whom and where we are born and will die. But we can control how we will live our lives. We can choose to do the actions that are necessary to achieve our dreams and live the life we so desire.

  1. b) Through great pain

While she was getting brutally tortured, she realized something. Tyrants can only harm your physical body. They cannot even hope to touch your soul and ideals. No matter how hard they try, it is quaint that they try. Her determination guided her through the pain towards the freedom she so wanted.

Decide on your ethics, your morals, your code of conduct, and let your soul guide you towards an amazing and enchanting life you’ve always dreamed of.

3: Idea of individualism.

“Beneath this mask, there is an idea Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bullet proof”

The great leaders I talked about in the above paragraph did more than just oppose. These leaders of the past weren’t only working for a people, their nation; they were working for an idea, an idea of individual being free from his own self limiting belief which has been empowered by the society. Being free to choose who you want to be.

The movie goes on to show how complaint the masses have become under the tyrannical dictatorship. Whatever they consider normal becomes standardized, and whatever becomes standardized, becomes the law.

You couldn’t speak what you like, do what you like, and marry who you love. Heck at one point, you couldn’t even go out of your house after certain time due to curfew being in order. All of these draconian rules gave rise of power to V, the man who broke the shackles of the regime by even more violent than the oppressors.

We should be thankful  that we’re born in a time where freedom is everyone’s birthright, that we’re free to be, say, do, love, whatever, and whoever we wish. Even though till this day you will encounter fascist and SJW fanatics who will criticize you for absolutely nothing, you must remember that deep down when the world turned the back against you, you still didn’t give up on yourself.

Fact check: Did you know that if your parents had met and mated, there was only one chance in 300,000 billion of individuals of being you! Hence there is nothing to gain in imitating anyone else.

True individualism lies in being true to what you believe in, not forcing it down other people’s throat, but not allowing anyone to change your morals for them either. It lies in loving yourself no matter what, and to follow your dreams with conviction, passion, love and sheer will of power and effort.

Now that’s an idea worth dying for.

So go ahead, seize your glory.

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Thank you for your time and have a very nice day!

Go seize your glory!

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