Book review: Living, Loving and learning by Leo Buscaglia.

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“Living, loving and learning” by Leo Buscaglia – The book that changed my life


“Change is the end result of all true learning”


Learning is a wonderful life-long procedure. I’m not just talking about practical skills, or encyclopedic knowledge. I’m not just talking about studying and the kind of learning that takes place in schools. I am mainly referring to those things that no school can possibly teach you; valuable life lessons that can only be taught from experience or by honest interaction with other people. I’m talking about the innovative thoughts and world-changing ideas that can be triggered by art, or created within works of art. Most importantly, I’m talking about all this which makes us human. Every time we learn something new, we become a new person. You can’t learn something without readapting who you are on the new things that you’ve learned. This book has taught me so many new things and I can honestly say that it has changed me and after reading it I’ve become a different, better person, a person who thinks very differently than before and who views the world differently.


“We think that reality is this box we’ve been put in, but I assure you that it’s not like this. Today’s dream will be tomorrow’s reality. We have forgotten how to dream.”


Our everyday life often becomes overwhelming and it completely consumes our thoughts. Our routine makes us forget our deep wishes and desires. The hardships that we have to face as adults in our everyday lives and the continuous struggles that we go through, make us forget our dreams or even how to dream. We give up on our dreams, because we view them as something that is so far away and unreachable and as something that is not practical, that doesn’t help you survive. For example: “I love painting, but painting won’t pay my rent, so I’ll just start a day job and paint in my spare time”… Then time passes and you hardly ever paint anymore and you give up on buying pens and brushes, because it’s probably “just a waste of time” – that’s what others tell you all the time – and then you forget to paint and you forget why you loved and what was about it that you loved so much and you forget who was the person inside you who used to dream. We put it aside for later, for when we’ll have time… And time passes and we grow up and we end up forgetting who we are, where we came from and realize that we don’t know where we’re heading anymore. That is how we lose ourselves. This book reminded me of my dreams and furthermore it reminded me to dream again, to stick to my dreams no matter what and not give up.


“The most important characteristic of a loving person is that he loves himself.”


We cannot love anyone else if we don’t learn to love ourselves first and we cannot expect others to love us if we don’t love ourselves as well. As Buscaglia said: “I’m talking about the person who realizes that you cannot give but what you have so you better try to acquire something. You want to be the most educated, the most interesting and the most talented person in the world, because that’s how you’ll be able to give all this to others. The only reason you have something is to give it to someone. But in reality, you’re not giving anything away, you’re just sharing it.” According to this, we have to take care of ourselves, to make sure that we are happy, that we have everything we need and to always try to become better and learn more things. This is the only way we will have more to share with others; more knowledge to give, more happiness to spread and more love to show. To continue with this point, I want to touch the opposite side of this matter, as well, which is expressed in the quote below…


“If my love is neurotic, if it is possessive, if it is sick, then the only thing that I could teach you is neurotic, possessive, sick love.”


This is one of my favorite quotes from the book, because I feel that it could be used to express the feelings and experiences of many people. Haven’t we all at some point in our lives experienced some kind of sick, possessive love? Haven’t we all wondered what was wrong and what we should do about it? Many people still have not figured out that this kind of “love” doesn’t even deserve being called “love”. It’s some other kind of feeling, maybe ego, maybe fear of being alone, maybe something else, but it definitely is destructive. This kind of destructive feeling should be kept out of our lives. If we love ourselves, we have to keep this kind of behaviors out of our lives. If we want to love others, we have to look for and accept the people that honestly love us and wholeheartedly give us the love that we really deserve. We have to constantly remind ourselves what we deserve and not settle for anything less.


“If you don’t like the scene you’re in, if you’re unhappy, if you’re lonely, if you don’t feel that things are happening, change your scene. Paint a new backdrop.”

Last but not least, this book gave me a little reminder, a wake-up call; to not be afraid to change, but to be the change myself. To remember to change anything that I don’t like in my life and to always try to improve my situation and not let myself sink in negative things and feelings. We need to let out of our lives all the negativity and let in positive and beneficial feelings and people. Make your life the way you want it to be, the way you dreamed it and make the child inside of you – the child you once were – proud of who you’ve become!


Thank you for reading.

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