Demo of my book!!


The Guardsman and the Merchant girl. By Sushrut Tewari   ┬ęSushrut Tewari 2019 Any copy of this text without the permission of the owner is illegal and wrong. All rights reserved. The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of the book.     The wind was blowing through his long … Continue reading Demo of my book!!

Book Cover Reveal!

Sorry for being late, had some important stuff to take care of. Lately I had been receiving a dozen of mails by the readers to speak out on the reason for why I wasn't posting on WordPress lately, and are you ready for the reason? Are your really ready for the reason? Do you really … Continue reading Book Cover Reveal!

Should you really forgive and forget?

What does Forgiving and Forgetting really mean? Disclaimer: These are all only my opinions. One of the many trendy topics that are flashing over the internet, especially in the relationship department, is to forgive and forget the person who did you wrong. A great and noble intention I must say. Everyone knows how difficult it … Continue reading Should you really forgive and forget?